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SmartVU Home™ Smart 4 Way Power Board With 2 USB Ports
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Control any appliance that plugs into a power point - from anywhere in the world.

  • No wiring required
  • Control 4x 240v/10a power outlets via the free SmartVU Home™ app
  • With overload protection
    (total capacity for entire power board, regardless of how many outlets are in use, is 10amps)
  • Control 2x 5v/2.4a USB ports - single action to turn both ports on/off via SmartVU Home™ app
  • Setup schedules to automatically turn on/off
  • Compatible with Hey Google and Amazon Alexa for voice control
  • Wifi connected, no extra hub required
  • Indoor use only

Remote Control

This SmartVU Home™ smart power board allows you to control a number of appliances that plug into a power point. Don't throw away your 'dumb' appliances when you can make them smart this easily. You can even automate it to turn individual outlets on or off at certain times.

Did you turn off the oil heater before you went to work? Check on the free SmartVU Home™ app.

Turn the slow cooker on at the right time, from anywhere.

Warm the house or your dinner before you get home.

Turn on a lamp remotely or on a schedule to make it look like someone is at home.

Voice Control

You can control the SmartVU Home™ smart power board with customisable voice commands for Hey Google and Amazon Alexa such as, " Hey Google, turn on the heater".

Keep Tabs On Your Energy Use

With the SmartVU Home™ smart power board you have automatic access to the smart energy meter.

How much energy does your oil heater use? Once it is plugged into the SmartVU Home™ smart plug you can keep an eye on it via the free SmartVU Home™ app.

Setting up schedules or using the remote control means you use less energy over time as the appliance is not left on accidently.

Connect & Control on One App

All SmartVU Home™products are connected via the SmartVU Home™app that is available for free download on Android and Apple iOS. The SmartVU Home™app works with Google Assistant™ and Amazon Alexa™ on applicable products along with touch controls.

When using an oil heater along with other heating appliances (hair dryer, slow cooker etc), we recommend shifting the heater to the SmartVU Home smart plug - so that you do not exceed the total capacity for the smart power board.

Google, Hey Google, Amazon, Alexa and the associated logos are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

The device is only capable of connecting with a 2.4GHz wifi network, it is not compatible with 5GHz wifi networks.